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About me…

I played a LOT of chess as a kid. In fact, at the age of 10, I earned the title of US chess master, breaking the record previously held by Bobby Fischer. I also broke the record for the longest hair and roundest glasses. Since those heady days, however, the youngest-master record has since been broken, and all of the kids I used to play chess against have gone on to become super-grandmasters and compete in the world championships. So I’ve looked beyond the world of chess for my professional aspirations.

Now, at the age of 26, I have launched my first startup (GoalMafia.com) in the field of persuasive technology: how technology can be used to change people’s behavior, for the better.

Failure is important for any entrepreneur, and while I haven’t written the book on failure (yet), I did make a video blog about it. Prior to this current venture, I was the “mobile guy” at Bebo.com, and prior to that I was an engineer and product manager at Digital Chocolate.

I received my BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. In my free time, I enjoy house music, yoga, and propelling myself in all kinds of two-wheeled vehicles. And blogging. Occasionally.

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