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7 things I love about flying Air France

1. Pretty flight attendants coming through the aisles with bread baskets.

2. The bread. Mon dieu the bread. It’s *airline food*, for crying out loud, and it’s better than any bread you can find at the finest bakery in the states. How do they do it?

3. The coffee. See point #2.

4. People speaking French all around me. (Even though they switch back to English when I try to start a conversation. That’s how you know your accent sucks from being outside France too long.)

5. Reading quotes like this one in the in-flight magazine:

Q: Do you prefer mountains, beach, or city for vacation?

A: Mountains, to climb higher. The streets of a city, for real life; the sound of footsteps. – Olga Berluti

6. And this one:

7. Going to France.

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