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Some highlights from the Evolution of Psychotherapy conference

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Albert Bandura:

  • help people succeed despite themselves
  • most of our successes come from learning from mistakes
  • Motivation gurus teach you how to achieve success, but not how to manage failure, which is you get to success
  • Change at a societal level: we need to scale up interventions so we can reach vast numbers of people.
  • Using long-running serial dramas in India and Tanzania to change societal attitudes towards women – fantastic stuff

Martin Seligman

  • Straight out of Men Who Stare At Works… he is working with the US Army. “We will create an army that is just as psychologically fit as much as physically fit.”

Donald Weichenbaum:

  • “My concern for the field of psychotherapy is that there’s so much bullshit!”
  • “We need as a field to move past gurus.”
  • “If you want to improve your outcomes, you have to start keeping score!”
  • Joking about how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) works: “CBT works by preventing depression in therapists.”

Ernest Rossi:

  • “Where are you on the sparkly scale right now? 7?”

Marsha Linehan:

  • “The most compassionate thing a psychotherapist can do is effectively assist a client in achieving his or her own treatment goals.”
  • “Compassion (i.e. suffering together and intense desire to help) is NOT sufficient… compassion is effectiveness.
  • “You have to be able to go in to the pool of despair with the client, without falling in also.”
  • “I don’t pay attention to any kind of therapy without data.”

David Burns:

  • “most therapists fail with empathy”
  • “I’m for tools, not schools… Therapy schools compete like religious cults.”
  • The power of being able to say “I’m a human being with defects.” versus “I’m a defective human being.”
  • “Failure to set the agenda is the most common reason why therapy fails.”
  • “Just because the patient is there, doesn’t mean they’re asking for help. Invite the patient to ask you for help.”
  • Paradox: sometimes in order to help the patient, you have to be willing to let go of your need to help the patient.
  • “Something profound in the therapist has to change, BEFORE something profound in the patient can change.”

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