Curious Jordy

5 Books That Changed My Life (Recently)

I’ve been reading a LOT over the last few months. Here are 5 of the most enjoyable and positively life-changing books I have come across. Enjoy!

51n5kDIwHPL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_1. Getting to Yes

A hugely influential and useful book for me. No joke, this has helped me improve ALL the relationships in my life.

“Like it or not, you are a negotiator… Standard negotiating strategies involve an attempted trade-off between getting what you want and getting along with people. The method of principled negotiation shows you how to obtain what you are entitled to and still be decent. It enables you to be fair while protecting you against those who would take advantage of your fairness.”

b2. Don’t Shoot the Dog

A quick, fun, thought-provoking read that is also so useful it’s silly. Another one that has positively impacted my relationships. And who doesn’t want to know how to train pets?

“This book is about how to train anyone — human or animal, young or old, oneself or others — to do anything that can and should be done.”


c3. The Importance of Living

The perfect antidote to the other “useful” books – this one teaches the noble art of being utterly useless. A perfect companion to a voyage of 7 days or 70 years. Also great to leaf through before going to sleep.

“I am such a materialist that at any time I would prefer pork to poetry, and would waive a piece of philosophy for a piece of filet, brown and crisp and garnished with good sauce.”

(thanks to Maria for introducing me to this life-changing book)

f4. The Happiness Hypothesis

Synthesizes the best of ancient philosophy and modern science in order to answer some very interesting questions: What is happiness? How to find meaning? How are meditation, Prozac, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy similar?

“By drawing on wisdom that is balanced — ancient and new, Eastern and Western, even liberal and conservative — we can choose directions in life that will lead to satisfaction, happiness, and a sense of meaning. We can’t simply select a destination and then walk there directly — the rider [rational, controlled self] does not have that much authority. But by drawing on humanity’s greatest ideas and best science, we can train the elephant [emotional, automatic self], know our possibilities as well as our limits, and live wisely.


h5. A Whole New Mind

A must-read for the programmer in your life. Presents a very compelling argument for exercising one’s emotional, intuitive right brain. And provides a wealth of resources to do so.

“Today we’re all in the art business.”